Sherpa Smart Guns

When guns make decisions

This is the Samsung SGR-A1 smart gun

It uses machine learning to recognize people, and hat the ability to autonomously decide to shoot.

It's currently being deployed at the border between North and South Korea.

Yes it's real

What if this technology 
was widely available? 


Introducing the Smart Water Gun

Coming to a store near you


The trigger is automatically locked when a certain type of person is in front of the gun.

High power

Connect it to your water supply and really let them have it!


T‌hree versions are available: 

A gun that can only shoot women

Our most popular model, guaranteed to help you make a killing at summer barbecues.

A gun that can only shoot people less than 40 years old

Guaranteed to get any rebellious youngster off of your lawn.

A gun that can only shoot cats

Every dog knows that cats hate water. This is the perfect gun to avoid that cat uprising we all know they're plotting.

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Samsung SGR-A1 photo by MarkBlackUltor, CC-BY-SA