Privacy policy

For and the pieces it refers to. runs on a stripped down version of the Microweber CMS in which all third-party elements have been removed (for exampe, Google Fonts was stripped out, and jQuery is loaded from the local server instead). This protect you from third parties figuring out that you visited this website.

The CMS has a built-in minimal tool to record how many people visited the website, which survived the stripping. It currently records an IP address, when that address visited, and what website that visitor came from.

If you send an email through the contact form, then your emailaddress and the content of your message are obviously recorded. You can always ask for this information to be deleted. Know your rights!

The quiz

The quiz does not collect any data. It runs fully in the browser, so none of your choices are ever sent to our server. It's not even recorded that you visited the quiz page, as no visitor data - not even anonymised or pseudo-anonymized - is stored. I have no idea how many people have done the quiz, although I've heard some fun stories about EU parliament members trying it.

Sherpa Smart Guns

The smart gun project does not collect any personal data.

  • Facial analysis is done fully on the device, and no data is stored or transmitted.
  • The promotional materials have been created with explicit and documented consent from all those involved.
  • If you visit an exhibit of the devices, please consult the privacy policy of the venue and event organisers.
How Normal Am I

This project does not collect any personal data. Some things that are of interest:

Your geographic location is guessed based on the first two digits of your IP address, which the webserver provides the site when you visit it. This data is never stored. To be as transparent and protective as possible, even the analysis of your location is done in your browser instead of on the server.

At the end of the experience you can choose to share some anonymous data (which you can see in the list). As part of the joke, your choice here is also used to decide of whether you are normal, so that choice would also be stored. To make this possible, it was necessary to also record this one thing if you decide to not share the anonymous data. So to be clear: if you choose to not share the results from the test, the only thing recorded is that someone didn't share those results.

The project doesn't record timestamps, IP addresses, which website you came from, or anything like that. To get an indication of how many people have experiences the project, the amount of people that shared anonymous data and the amount of people that didn't is simply tallied.


The candle website uses the same CMS as this website, so the same things apply.

The promotional materials have been created with explicit and documented consent from all those involved.

Other pieces

If a project is not mentioned in this policy yet, you may assume that no personal data is collected.


Please get in contact if you have any questions.

This policy was last updated on the 1st of october 2020.