Exploring the near future of smart technology


These creations explore what it could be like to live in a world full of 'Smart Information Systems'

(such as AI and big data).

This reality is closer than you may think.



1. Smart water guns

T‌his water gun has a camera. Using facial recognition technology it can be programmed to target a specific demographic.

Would you use it to shoot cats? 
...Or would you prefer the version that can only shoot the elderly?

Get wet!

2. Technology optimism quiz

To understand ethics, you have to understand yourself. This quiz confronts you with your own deeply held beliefs about technology.

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3. A privacy friendly smart home

Our homes - and the places we visit - are increasingly filled with 'Smart Information Systems'. What could these places look like if we made privacy by design the top priority?

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“That smart water gun is a horrible idea!”
— Madelyn Vivrea
full-time W‌oman